Solera Vineyard

Solera Bodegas is a family business from Colmenar de Oreja, a town outside of Madrid with one of the longest standing traditional methods of winemaking. Solera Bodegas has been making traditional and artensal wines for about 200 years, giving our wines excellent character, quality and personality.

Upon entering the winery you are met with quince, pine and fig trees alongside flowering rose bushes. A small garden leads the way to the large doors of the warehouse.

Inside, we find the antique clay pots, where wine has been stored for more than 200 years, alongside modern stainless steal tanks that are required for modern day production. Throughout the winery you will find farming tools that have been used for several generations.

In the cellar our “reserva” wines are aged in both french and american barrels. The Tempranillo grape variety is ideal for this aging process in the barrels as the aromas of toasted wood are transfered by the oak.

Botteling takes place in the pressing room, the oldest part of the winery. Our press is over 12 meters long and over 150 years old. In fact, as it was told by a great grandfather, in order to cut down the tree from which the press was made, permission was asked from the King due to it’s large size.

Solera bodegas, along with 45 other wineries, belongs to the Denomination of Origin Wines of Madrid, rightfully taking its esteemed place among the richness of what are Spanish wines.

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