Our vineyards

All the grapes processed in the winery come from our vinyards, meticulously cared for during the entire year to ensure a high quality ecological product.

Spanning 17 hectares, we have grape varieties of tempranillo and syrah for red wines, and malvar for the whites.

Our oldest vinyards (or plots) date back to 1915 and 1925, and produce a truely unique grape. The rest of vines are at least 60 years old.

Due to the extremely warm climate in the summer months in southeast Madrid, all the vines are cultivated using the traditional low-vine plantation system, protecting the grapes from the extreme heat.

This system only permits picking the grapes by hand so as to prevent damage to the vine, or the bunch.

The vines grow at an altitude of 760 meters (about 2500 ft.) above sea level in calcareous soils and rocky clay.

The climate is characterized by cold winters and warm summers with little rainfall. These conditions yield low production but high quality wines.

Tours & Tastings

Experience our vineyard and taste some of our finest wines
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