243 (1)


Organic wine, Malvar grape

Bright color, almost transparent. In the nose it is fresh and aromatic, hints of Apple, pear skins, and citrus. Very smooth in the palate leaving a slight tingle on the tip of the tongue coming from the carbon dioxide. The finish is somewhat bitter, characteristic of the thick skins of the Malvar grape.

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It is called the “snail” by the Italians and the “monkey tail” by the dutch, the @ symbol is the modern character used in electronic communication to indicate direction. Historically however, its origins are rooted in viticulture. First appearing in 1536, the @ symbol is seen in a letter from an Italian merchant sending wine to Spain, using @ to denote the units of wine that were shipped in large clay jars. One @ of wine was 1/13 of the barrel, valuing 70 ducados (old spanish currency). The unit of volume spread through Europe and the @ symbol was used to represent “at the rate of” or “at the Price of.”

Still today the @’s (arrobas) are seen on the clay jars in the winery, and it is the jar marked with the capacity of 243@ that Solera Bodegas uses to ferment our oldest grapes, the Malvar variety, to make 243@.

During fermentation the clay barrels are cooled to 17º C. The low temperatures allow for more aromatic wines and trap a small amount of natural carbon in the bottle.

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