Organic wine, Tempranillo grape

Scarlet red color with violet notes. In the nose, smells of cherry and black current. It is a full bodied wine that reminds us of the typical aromas of harvest. In the palate there is a unmistakable structure and typical characteristics of young wines. It is honest, direct, and pleasant.

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Esparteñas are type of shoe made of straw that were formally used by the wine makers to stomp grapes during harvest. They were also used in traditional popular dances by the towns people.

Our most unique wine, authentic and traditional as much as in taste as in it’s production. Esparteñas is a nod to an era in which wine was not just a beverage, it was the center of everyday life and traditions of the men and women in Colmenar de Oreja.

The tempranillo grapes are fermented with their indigenous yeast. For it’s natural stabilization, the wine is stored in clay deposit for at least two years before being bottled.

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