Organic wine, Tempranillo grape

Bright and ruby red color. An intriguing nose, with mature fruits, mineral notes, and toasty tanins. The palate is pleasant and balanced with a toffee, caramel, and cacao aftertaste.

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Derived from the word mecer, meaning ‘to rock’, a‘mecedor’ is the wooden instrument we use to carefully stir the skins of the grapes during the fermentation process. As the skins rise to surface during fermentation, they form thick layer on top of the liquid, known as a cap. For red wines it is particularly important to promote this contact between the skins and the liquid. Just as you would rock a baby in a cradle, we take the same care to extract the best properties posible from the grapes, such as color, body, and tanines.

This wine originates from strains of Tempranillo from our oldest vinyards, planted in 1925 in chalky soil and rocky clay. After maceration and fermentation of the grapes using local yeast, we age the wine. First, in traditional clay barrels for two winters. After that time the wine is aged for 12 months in new American Oak Barrels. Finally it rests in the bottle for about two years. Altogether, each bottle holds five years of craftsmanship, love, and care so that the bottle is a testament to the vines, the soil, and history of the winery.

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