Our history

On one of the arches that gives way to the winery there is an inscription with a date and a name. The date is 1912 and the name is Ramón Mouriz, the architect who was in charge of Solera Bodega’s extension in 1912. The arch leads way to a the room containing the tinajas, or clay pots. No written documentution exists as to the foundation of the winery, however Mouriz’s work in 1912 along with architecture of the roof and the age and state of the clay pots, let us guess Solera Boedgas is around 200 years old.

The winery produced bulk wine until the end of the 1980’s when Consuelo Herrero, enologist and owner, decided to take the reins of the family business and start making wines of the highest quality. Under her direction Solera Bodegas started producing wines with both modern and traditional methods, and began bottling wine. The wines we produce today are appreciated as much outside of the country as inside.


Tours & Tastings

Experience our vineyard and taste some of our finest wines
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